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Don’t Lose Your Balance

Don't Lose Your Balance August 28, 2018 By Todd Friel [The following is an excerpt from chapter 7 of Todd Friel’s book Reset for Parents - How to Keep Your Kids from Backsliding] The Ninja Warrior obstacle course ain’t got nothin’ on Christianity. To paraphrase Martin Luther, living the Christian [...]

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Victory Over Sin

Victory Over Sin: The Fight of Your Life August 20, 2018 By Dwight Cover A Loser or a Winner: Which one are you? Ever lose a battle with temptation and groan with Paul, “O wretched man that I am! Who will deliver me from this body of death?” Who of [...]

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Artificial Authority

“Artificial Authority”: Why not all Opinions are Right and How to Know Who to Listen to August 14, 2018 By Bill Jack Believe it or not, Popularity ≠ Authority If you were to peek behind the scenes into the world of radio or television advertising, you’d find that celebrities will [...]

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Family Life that Is Really “Alive”

Family Life that Is Really “Alive” July 30, 2018 By Steve and Wendy Walker “Does my child know more about the alphabet than about Jesus?” Seventeen years ago, pressed for time on an Easter Sunday morning, our family made our way quickly down our curvy mountain road in the foothills. [...]

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